Alongside my work as a lettering designer,
I have had an ongoing interest in making textiles,
producing one-off pieces which incorporate lettering.
These often pursue themes and words of personal significance,
and usually take the form of needlepoint embroideries
and hand tufted rugs or wall hangings.
ABC (needlepoint)
'ABC' Needlepoint
Blue Connection (tufted rug)
'Blue Connection' Tufted rug
Panta Rei (tufted rug)
'Panta rei' meaning 'All is Flux' - Heraclitus Tufted rug
Home Sweet Home (needlepoint)
'Home Sweet Home' Needlepoint
Whole (tufted rug)
'Whole' Tufted rug
Aalphabet (experimental needlepoint)
Experimental needlepoint alphabet
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